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BDB 005

Looks very matching when wear it with white inner.

Now also available in Pink...

...and White!! ;)

Material: Stretchable
Recommended to person:
Grassy Green (Size M) - Sold to John.. Thanks!

Pink (Size M)
White (Size L)

Grassy Green & Pink:
Shoulder: 16 inches
Bust: 38 inches
Hip: 37 inches

Shoulder: 18 inches
Bust: 38 inches
Hip: 40 inches
P/S: These measurements are estimated measurements only, as the material is slightly stretchable.


Status: Available!

With Love,


.ib. said...

wow~~~!!! yg ni cool... kalu i perempuan dh lame i beli... hehe ;)

Belle Depot said...

yupp.. i yg tokei kedai pun cam goyah gak bila tgk baju ni memang kool giler.. :D

d_LA said...

yg putih tu still available lg ke???ekceli berkenan yg kaler ijau..

Belle Depot said...

yup still available yg putih tu.. yg kaler hijau tu dh sold out.. sori sgt2 dear..

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