Dearest all, welcome to Belle Depot; where all belle(beautiful) n quality stuffs are sell under one roof. So, feel free to take a tour of my blog n happy shopping!

Salut Tout Le Monde!

Bonjour everyone who willing to enter my blog!

This is my new business blog, where I sell quality items just to my dearest customers. So feel free to explore my items here and any queries you can leave your message in the chatbox or SMS me at 019-5079303 (only SMS will be entertained) or you also can send an email to me at

For your info, all measurements stated in this blog are taken without wearing it and it is estimated measurements only for your reference and should not be taken as a fix measurements. Refer to the material described and picture on each post so that you will have a better visualization.

Before you place an order, kindly read and understand my terms and conditions. Once you have agreed, then you can place the order and please make payment 24 hours after place the order. I would be appreciate if you SMS me a notification after payment has been made.

Last but not least, Happy Shopping and enjoy my blog! ;)

With Love,

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