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BDBT 005

This is how you will hook the butterfly belt head together..

Wow! It is so match with similar colour dress/ blouse too!

Description: Stretchable belt (nicely fits to size M)
Colour: Cream
Length (including belt head): 67 cm
Width: 7.5 cm


Status: Sold to Noorlin.. Thanks!

With Love,


Berusaha n tawaqal!! said...

alerrrr..mcm cmne nk bank in duit..huuhuh...ntila bincang2 dgn eros ek..nti msg nisa ek kalo free..merciii!!

Thirah B.D. said...

nisa, tirah dah email nisa ikut gmail. just inform me what is the courier to post them to you k?
waiting for your reply.. :)

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