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BDB 011

Hey fashionista! This blouse is just for you! ;)

Look at those bling bling on the blouse. It looks so glamorous!

This creamy blouse can also be wear with fancy belt! (Sold separately)

Material: Stretchable
Colour: Cream
Recommended to person: size S/M

Shoulder: 14 inches
Bust: 30 inches
Hip: 42 inches
P/S: These measurements are estimated measurements only, as the material is very stretchable.


Status: Available!

With Love,


Berusaha n tawaqal!! said...

Salam eros...

huuhuh..alamak..i want cmne nk bank in duit...nak sgt2 yg putih ni dgn belt skali..cmnee...x susah ke nk post ke sini?..will pay for the post things also..if eros x keberatan..thank u!!..

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